SAROCEMA: Quantum Simulations with long-range interactions

Placing N qubit atoms in an optical cavity gives rise to a rich physical setting where highly entangled atomic states naturally arise. However, in most experiments so far, all atoms were permanently coupled to the cavity mode, and could be neither addressed nor read out individually. Our second-generation experiment “Sarocema” combines our successful fiber Fabry-Perot approach with atomic tweezers techniques, to realize a one-dimensional array of individually addressable atomic qubits in the cavity. This opens up the largely unexplored field of quantum simulations with long-range, cavity mediated interactions.

  • Spectral engineering of cavity-protected polaritons in an atomic ensemble

    Our paper presenting the demonstration of spectral engineering of polaritons in a cold atom cavity system has been published in Nature Physics on Mai 2, 2023. You can read the full paper by accessing it here:

    In this study, we investigate the influence of strong cavity interactions on the protection of polartions against emitter inhomogeneities, hightlighting the role played by dark states in this system. Leveraging the cavity protection effect, we successfully engineer the spectrum of polaritons, resulting in the generation of polartions with muliple frequencies. This can lead to applications in quantum networks, particularly for shaping single-photon emission.